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A Santana Tribute Band of Unparalleled Authenticity

Milagro has been wowing audiences since 2005, performing all the multi-platinum hits by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Carlos Santana and his stellar musical collaborators. Experience the Grammy award-winning crossover songs that so "Smooth"-ly blend rock, blues, funk, latin, and jazz. Milagro captures the vibe, rhythm and syncopation that is the Soul Sacrifice of Carlos Santana.

Milagro promotional photo


Milagro guitar


Coming from where Afro-Cuban music had its rhythms deeply ingrained in the culture, Julio spent his early years in his birthplace of San German, Puerto Rico becoming familiar with the exotic, rich sounds of his heritage. As a young boy, he moved to New York and began taking in the music of The Beatles, Elvis, The Who, Peter Frampton, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen. By 11 years old, he began his exploration into the world of guitar, and this continued along with a remarkable quality as a vocalist.

 Julio has been in the New York music scene for years in a variety of ensembles. He owns his own recording studio in which he has himself developed into a prolific studio and live audio engineer.

 One of the first musicians in NY to pay tribute to Santana through a dedicated act, Julio is a founding member of the band and has led Milagro through the years first as a lead vocalist, and later picking up the guitar role and hand percussion as well.

 From 2005 to present Julio can still be found up front, interacting with fans, and interpreting the infectious grooves and melodies that Mr. Carlos Santana himself made so famous. It is through this role, that he continues as the voice of Milagro.

Milagro Keyboards


Anthony's passion for music was sparked at a very young age due to the variety of music being played on radio and TV in the early 70's along with the sounds of jazz music his mother played in the house on weekends. His musical education began in grade school and continued throughout his years as a music major in college where drums were his focus of study along with music theory and composition. During this time Anthony also became an accomplished guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and composer of original music.  

 He became involved in the music industry and received an opportunity to work for PolyGram Records in 1988. As an Artist Development Representative, he worked on a variety of projects by several major artists in the fields of rock, R&B, jazz and many other musical genres.

 A huge admirer of Carlos Santana and the Santana band since 1977, Anthony had the great honor of meeting Carlos in person twice. He also had an opportunity to promote Santana's "Milagro" album when it was released in 1992.

 Anthony considers it an extreme privilege, pleasure and honor to work alongside his immensely talented musical brothers in Milagro as they continue to share the fire, passion and beauty of Santana's music with music lovers everywhere

Milagro timbales


Born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, NY to Puerto Rican parents, Peter has always had an affinity and passion for music. Because of his Puerto Rican heritage, he has been exposed to music with a heavy latin percussion element, in which he developed the skill on a variety of instruments including timbales, conga, bongos, and various small percussion.

Peter has had the privilege and honor to play with many gifted and experienced musicians throughout his musical career in Jazz, Latin, Raggae, and Rock.  

As one of Milagro's founding members, Peter is pleased with the development and musicianship of the band and is happy to be playing with the talent in Milagro.

Milagro congas


 In the 1960s and 70s, Salsa gained its popularity through Cuban and Puerto Rican folk music, jazz and classical, combined with urban culture. Born into a family native to Puerto Rico, it was these sounds that Juan heard coming from his family's stereo from his early years in Brooklyn, NY. which spawned an interest in latin percussion. Soon after, he sought instruction on both bongos and congas from his uncle who is an accomplished percussionist himself. 

 By his teen years, Juan already had experience playing live and jamming at local sessions, gaining more skills and developing into a musician versed in rock, jazz, and afro-cuban music in which he continues to play to this day. Some of his experience came from unique opportunities such as playing congas as  motivational music for martial arts training. Along side the music, he considers it a lesson in the history of the people from which the music came from. 

A long standing member of Milagro since 2006, his goal is to transmit the passion and power to his audience which embodies that of the Santana band.

Milagro drums


Drew, a native Long Islander, was born and raised in Baldwin, NY. Always exposed to a large variety of music as a child, he took interest in percussion and drums and has tirelessly studied both drum set and various latin percussion instruments for over 30 years.

A masters degree in music education from Five Towns College and C.W. Post University has furthered Drew's understanding of the complex rhythmic variety found in contemporary Afro-Cuban music.

At his current position as a grade school music teacher and private music instructor, Drew continues to inspire and lead his students into their own musical careers.

Being involved in such an active and goal oriented ensemble reflects his pride and enjoyment in being a member of Milagro. Through his involvement in the band, he is able to push his own abilities to their limit in his love of the music arts.

Milagro bass


Music has formed the backbone of Matt's life for nearly 30 years. He grew up in Farmingville, NY, amongst musical influences in the household and within his family. His knowledge of the bass comes from meticulous study of the musicians who have innovated his instrument in the past. He is a multi-instrumentalist with working knowledge on various instruments including brass, string, and percussion.

A career musician since 2000, Matt has established a large student base working extensively with his bass students to imprint the same techniques on them that have brought him such success.

 He also has experience working as a songwriter, arranger, session and pit orchestra musician.

He strives to bring to Milagro the grooves and hard hitting bass work of the many great bassists to share the stage with Carlos and enjoys playing for Milagro's enthusiastic audiences.

Richie Guerrero


Originally from Astoria NY, Richie spent his early years honing his unique percussive sound in Greenville, SC and in the jazz clubs on River St. in Savannah, GA before eventually returning to NY. For over 30 years, he has been playing, studying and teaching both drums and percussion with a specific focus on Latin, Brazilian and African influences. His knowledge and love for the drum set, timbales, congas, djembe and hand percussion was a natural fit for the Milagro sound and has afforded him the opportunity to play with Milagro in all percussion roles throughout the years.

Richie got hooked on the music of Santana, El Chicano, Malo, Osibisa, Mongo Santamaria and many other Latin, Funk, Soul and Jam Rock artists.  At a young age, he would listen to his father’s vinyl records and decided he "wanted to play that music". A freelance musician, Richie performs  in a variety of roles with local cover bands and also records and performs with original artists. He is also known for Djembe Ensemble drumming and leading hand drum circles and classes all over Long Island.

Johnny Pic 2.jpg
Johnny Diaz


Originally from the Bronx, NY Johnny was exposed to the early sounds of Afro-Cuban music through his musical family. His early influences were Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria, Willie Colon, Joe Cuba and most of the latin boogaloo artists popular in the 60’s and 70's. In the fall of 1969, his father Juan came home one night with Santana’s debut album. He put it on the turntable, and the sound struck him like a thunderbolt. It made quite an impression and Santana and his music have been a lifelong influence since. 

Becoming a member of Milagro in 2018 has fulfilled a dream and provided Johnny the opportunity to play the music he loves and to bond with his fellow Milagro band members and their audiences.

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